R Patz: Third Twilight film is sexiest yet

The vampire and werewolf teen sensation that is the 'Twilight' series of films, based on books by bestselling author Stephanie Meyer, features bare chested wolf-men, lean, model-like vampires and pale-skinned 'fang-bait' girls such as Kristin Stewart. But the reason why the films have been so downright successful, lead male star Robert Pattinson explains, is because it portrays Kristin Stewart's character, Bella, as a virgin.

Speaking to MTV just days before the second of the films premieres internationally, the gaunt actor explains that latest release 'Eclipse' is 'sexy without featuring actual sex', but that the film centres around the 'tipping point' before the lead couple, i.e, R-Patz and Kristin Stewart actually get jiggy with it. For Pattinson, that's the 'best part, for a relationship.' The final installment in the series, 'Breaking Dawn', will be the hottest flick of the series yet, with lots more sexual tension and maybe...some actual...you know?

Taking into account the fact that Stewart and Pattinson are supposedly necking each other outside of shooting the films, we're not sure that his 'virgin' statement will land him anymore neck nookie...Best save the frustration for the big screen chemistry Robert!

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