Purloining priest's fantasy sex-life

Clergymen and members of the cloth on both sides of the pond seem to be getting a hard rap these days, but it's not hard to see why in the case of sex-fantasist, Rev. Kevin J Gray. Gray, who falsely claimed to have cancer, was actually leading a life of vice funded by his archdiocese, the Metro Online reveals.

Gray, 64, who enjoyed paying for entry into strip clubs and (for entry into) male prostitutes, even went so far as to pay 'for a man he met in New York’s Central Park to attend Harvard University' and showered him with gifts, such as 'a piano and dogs' whilst paying 'for his piano lessons and vet bills.' The frustrated priest secretly hated his religious duties in the town of Waterbury in Connecticut, US., and would write out extremely large cheques to himself to pay for his extravagances, even using cancer as an excuse for being away from the parish.

Maybe he applied for the wrong job to start with, thinking it was the Church of Rock and Roll, perhaps?

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