Prudist colony

Village Naturiste in Cap d’Agde is Europe’s largest nudist colony, a fenced off resort on the Mediterranean including restaurants, shops and banks where residents can live ‘in harmony with nature.’

But an ‘explosion of libertarianism’ is turning the 40-year-old colony into an ‘open air brothel’ and the ‘European capital of Debauchery’, according to some disgruntled locals.

They blame an influx of foreign oversexed nudists, interested more in orgies and exhibitionism, for the change. Italians have been singled out for blame with many local naturists reportedly ‘shocked’ by seeing couples romping in public.

Cap d’Agde naturists claimed to have witnessed fellatio, orgies, genitals being ‘waved in people's faces’ and people being strung up on signposts and whipped.

Councillor Florence Denestebe, 35, told The Observer that enough is enough: ‘I have nothing against the naturist village with its philosophy of people living in harmony with nature,’ said the mum of two, ‘but people practising sex acts in public are giving the Cap d’Agde a bad reputation. There are places for this sort of thing – namely behind closed doors.’

Denestebe is writing to state prosecutors to demand public decency laws be upheld. Perhaps she’d be better off turning the other cheek.

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