When an image featuring two naked men was posted on Swedish underwear giant Björn Borg’s Facebook page, the social networking giant deemed it pornographic and duly erased it.

The photo showed two men, naked as the day they were born, prancing around in a Scandanavian wood and trying to jump for their Björn Borg underwear that was hanging on a clothes line.

‘We realized it was probably the most daring image we had ever uploaded, but were confident it was still within what is considered OK,’ said the firm’s Micke Kazarnovicz to The Local.

The company asks its users to send in photos from which it chooses a ‘Swedish export of the week.’ The winner gets free underwear and the winning photo posted on the official Björn Borg Facebook page.

But the offending photo saw Micke Kazarnovicz’s Facebook account frozen, and to be able to continue using it he had to promise not to upload any more ‘pornographic’ images.

‘They saw this as pornographic, but to us it was really more a laugh, completely tongue in cheek. There is no eroticism at all in the picture, just nudity,’ he said.

Kazarnovicz makes an interesting point, claiming that the reason for the photo’s disappearance relates to different codes of cultural conduct in in Sweden and the US.

‘In the US, violent scenes in films are accepted, but if a nipple is visible there’s a huge controversy. In Sweden it is the opposite,” he said.

As Facebook is used globally, Kazarnovicz believes that if it continues to act in accordance with an ‘American moral framework’ it rather smacks of cultural imperialism.

’They probably don’t have a policy to do this, but in reality, as soon as they moderate content according to the likes and dislikes of the average American, that’s exactly what they are doing,’ he added.

Meanwhile Björn Borg has reposted the image – but this time with cheeky blue squares with the words ‘Facebook friendly’ covering the men’s buttocks.

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