Right to marry Harry

The countdown continues and the world's media whips itself up into a frenzy of excitement, speculation about that dress and how thin Kate seems to be looking these days. Well, she does have a lot to think about in the run-up to her big day but one thing most brides shouldn't have to be worried about is thousands of gay men and women picketing her wedding to demand equal rights for gay marriage. At least, not most brides that we know (quickly does mental check-list of european dignitaries...)

Led by Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner, members of the LGBT community will be rallying out Buckingham Palace on the 29th and will attempt to give the newly-married couple a congratulations card, asking them to support gay marriage, Pinknews reveals.

''Our event', says Peter, 'will urge the royal couple to support moves to end the ban on gay marriages. We want equal marriage rights for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation. It is our hope that they might be the first royal couple to express support for marriage equality.''

''William and Kate are a modern young couple. I am sure they have gay friends and would not wish to see them discriminated against.''

Whether the couple will accept the card with open arms or be swamped by security and whisked into the palace remains to be seen, but Kate will definitely have received a fair few comments on her choice of designer wedding dress, no doubt!

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