Prostitute breaks into apartment and demands sex

Desperate times call for desperate measures in these credit crunch times as illustrated by a prostitute from North Carolina. The lady of the night broke down the door of an apartment in Lincolnton before demanding that one of the three men inside paid her $10 for sex.

Nicole Scarpone was jailed for breaking and entering, but in her defence claimed that she had visited the flat regularly in the past to 'service' the occupants. However, on the night in question Ms. Scarpone decided to put the tart before the horse taking an executive decision that one of the house mates would be in dire need of a rubdown with happy end.

"Defendant stated that she was dropped off over there and had been there before and performed sexual acts, but stated that she was not invited over there tonight and indicated that she just showed up to make some quick money," the official police statement read.

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