Prison perv gets the hump over lumpy bed

Are prison beds in good nick? Not according to one jailed pervert who has complained that the bed he’s been provided with is a tad on the lumpy side.

The deportment of prisoners and the state of prison beds is not a subject you hear much about. John Brady, 62, is a prisoner at HMP Wakefield, West Yorks, serving eight life sentences for leading a paedophile ring which abused girls.

Writing in the prisoners’ national newspaper Inside Time, he complains that prison lags are getting dodgy backs and having problems sleeping at night. He said: ‘I would like an NHS consultant to take a look at them, and report whether they are suitable.’

Of course, even prisoners have the right to a decent night’s kip, even if their consciences prevent them from doing so. All the same, you suspect this jail bird will just have to lump it.

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