Prison break gets sexy

We’ve heard of people breaking out of jail, but last Sunday a lonely (or maybe just horny) woman decided to break in. According to The Sun, the lady, who has not been named, broke into the Standford Hill prison in Kent to have sex with one of the men staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure. (Wow…we’ve never been THAT desperate.)

The woman was, however, “visiting” her incarcerated husband. She climbed over a fence to meet her old man, who then took her back to his cell for a little bit of sexy action. The wife was only noticed when she was leaving, looking a bit suspicious as she was the only female in an all-male prison.

A police spokeswoman said that the woman was questioned but no further action will be taken. Hubby, however, has been transferred to a higher security prison (or just a prison with security). So let’s get this straight: she breaks in, he gets punished. Hmm…seems a little unfair. What did they expect him to do, turn her away?  Let’s just hope it was worth it.

We can’t help but wonder though, if the woman was sporting a foot-high beehive and left singing “no-no-no…”

(Image: from Joshua Davis (arcticnomad)’s flickr stream)

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