Pregnant man on Oprah

You can't be pregnant and a man in America without spilling the beans to the nation via the cuddly Mrs Winfrey. And today's the big day for Thomas Beatie to face the US televisual moral majority.

We're treated to 'shocking images' of Thomas undergoing an ultrasound, rubbing his hands lovingly on his swollen belly, while Oprah mutters soberley 'Do you think our country, this world...is ready for this'? Something tells us not!

For what it's worth, we still can't quite figure out all the furure surrounding Thomas Beatie. Yes he's 6 months gone with a baby girl. And yes baby popping is usually done by the fairer sex. But this 'pregnant man' is also a transgender ex lesbian with functioning female reproductive organs and a wife who can't have kids. Once the story's got some meat on the bones, is the catchy headline really that catchy?

Check out the trailer of Thomas on Oprah - video updates to follow. What do you think?

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