Pout prowess

The next time you reach for the beautician's botox-filled needle ladies, pause for a second! You could be eradicating one of nature's ways of showing the world, or more importantly, eligible young bachelors, that you stand more chance of having an orgasm than your female peers. Is that worth removing laughter lines for?

New research conducted via an online survey of Scottish women, and collated by Stuart Brody, a psychology professor at the University of the West of Scotland, reveals that the more prominent a woman's tubercle (or mid-point section of the upper lip), the more able she is to climax during vaginal intercourse.

However, as we learn from MSN's Body Odd, the results might be laden with suppositions and according to some female critics, lack real analytical evidence to support this luscious-lipped theory:

'There are a couple of controversies to consider. First, not all scientists believe that there is any real difference between a 'clitoral' orgasm and a 'vaginal' orgasm (mainly because the little man in the boat is really just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, that extends into the vaginal wall). In Brody’s research, tubercle size did not predict orgasm by clitoral stimulation.'

Also, 'the women themselves, rather than an independent party, judged their own tubercle characteristics based on eyeballing their own lips.'

We can just imagine conversations between women revolving around whether their friends think their lips look big (positive) rather than their bottom (always, always a negative. Unless you're J-Lo.)

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