You give me fever!

After sex, most people light up a well-deserved cigarette, fall asleep or head off to the kitchen to cook up some food. Well, most people would like their other half to have a go at the last one at least, but those pesky hormones usually result in us just having a bit of a doze. But falling ill? Surely that's the last thing anyone would want (unless a kinky game of 'Doctors & Nurses' is on the cards...)

And yet, for some men, the very act of achieving orgasm results in flu-like symptoms, including a runny nose, stinging eyes and fever, Marcel Waldinger, a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University recently discovered. He carried out an analysis of 45 Dutch men who were identified as having 'POIS' or 'post-orgasm illness syndrome', the Huffington Post reports.

'Waldinger also identified a treatment for POIS, known as hyposensitisation, which essentially desensitizes the recipient of the treatment. The men were given skin injections of their own semen -- first highly diluted and eventually increased -- and after one to three years symptoms were greatly reduced.'

It's critical issues like this that the National Health Service should spend time investigating: tax-payers money well spent, we say!

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