Postman arrested for delivering in the nude

A postal worker in Wisconsin has been arrested for delivering mail naked to a woman he thought seemed ‘stressed out’.

The 52-year-man said he was simply trying to cheer the woman up. A police report says that the unnamed man (henceforth referred to as Pat) told the woman that he’d turn up with the post wearing only a smile to her office in Whitefish Bay in order to make her laugh. After some sober reflection, Pat told police that delivering the post without clothes on was probably not such a great idea afterall.

With his tail between his legs, Pat was arrested for lewd and lascivious behaviour several days after the incident. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that he admitted delivering the mail naked was a stupid thing to do.

Whether he got the sack though is unclear. But, being a postman, he’s probably already used to that.

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