Posh spices up sex-life with S&M

Becks might still be reeling from the disastrous match England played against Germany not so long ago but something tells us that he won't be sad for long as Posh, his wife, spends a mint on kinky new accessories and clothes to mix things up with their love-life, the News of the World reveals.

Handing over a whopping great £3k for a variety of clothes and skimpy garments at Barney's in New York, Victoria also chose several sex accessories, such as a blind-fold with the words 'Love is blind' written on it.

Vests and suspender belts were also picked, as well as see-through shirts and tops as Posh helped various designers such as Deborah Marquit and 'The Lake and Stars' make a very decent profit. The couple, who are rumoured to have been having recent difficulties in the bedroom, will certainly be having a long hot Summer!

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