Popstar marries a pineapple

If you’re feeling the pressures of the financial meltdown, there’s a nothing like a story about a man marrying a piece of fruit to cheer you up.

The incident of insanity came to light last week after it was revealed German popstar Ramma Damma and a pineapple called Tippi had tied the knot some thirty years ago in Gretna Green.. The green bearded plant lover drove his bride across the border into Scotland in a Jaguar covered in green astro turf and then took his vows. Ramma Damma, 65 said:

"I loved her. I wanted to marry her. We stayed in Gretna Green Hall Hotel and we were married by a craftsman wearing a kilt. We enjoyed meals out. We would go to restaurants and she would enjoy a glass of water over dinner."

He continued: "Tippi loved to go to the movies - especially ones about earthquakes - and she would sit on my lap when she got scared."

The fruit loop met his beloved partner nearly 40 years ago and picked her/it up for a bargain £8.

So that's what the hole in a pineapple is for.

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