Being (b)anal about sex

If you want to be a hip-hop teacher who's 'down with the kids', then you've probably tried a few 'Gangstas Paradise' moments where you talk in street slang and sit on your desk (shock horror) as a way of connecting with your disenfranchised class of miscreants. But heaven forbid you should use a sex ed video featuring a music band to teach your class about safe sex: you may have a riot on your hands!

And yet Marie Stopes, the international abortion charity, sought the help of the band Midnight Beast to act in and promote its sex ed video, encouraging teenagers and adults to think seriously about contraception. As well as bananas wearing condoms and puns about 'keeping your head', the group also advocate anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex, the Metro online tells us.

'While the song’s lyrics encourage using condoms, it also includes the line: 'One up the bum and it’s no harm done, one up the bum and you won’t be a mum.' Some viewers have criticised the charity, saying it ignores the risk of spreading Aids and other diseases, while one mother complained: 'It is a silly way for the charity to spend valuable resources.''

Their use of rhyme certainly leaves a lasting impression.

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