Polyamorist Valentine’s

If you thought buying one Valentine’s present was bad, imagine being one of the many polyamorists populating the world. That special day for lovers is hard enough to plan with just one partner, so what do you do with lots of lovers?! If you’re a polyamorist or thinking of making your foray into the world of multiple lovers, here are some handy Valentine’s tips from the experts.

Dossie Easton, co-author of The Ethical Slut advises that, although buying the same present isn’t exactly unheard of, you need to put a little thought into this one, especially if your numerous lovers ever meet. Easton says: “I do not recommend getting the same exact piece of jewelry.” So get down to Argos and get heart-shaped pendants in different coloured gold! Silver for the mistress, gold for the girlfriend and white gold for the wife. Sorted!

Experienced polyamorist Mr Michael McClure brings up the economic side, as Valentine’s for the polyamorist can be like Christmas! So Mike recommends buying in bulk to keep the costs down. A trip to the cash ‘n’ carry could be the best Valentine’s day-out. Maybe?

Then there’s the practical element – the time frame. One day - three partners. There’s so many things and people to do! Tantra teacher Kypris Aster Drake held a dessert party for her lovers – so seeing them all at once could solve the tricky scheduling and you don’t have to worry about running over time. So everything taken care of. The perfect polyamorist Valentine’s.

(Image: from unfalse’s flickr stream)

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