A sex law unto himself

Politicians sometimes seem to be above the law. Cue: Sgr. Belusconi and the creation of the 'prime minister's shall not be subject to prosecution ' law. We don't like our politicians at the best of times, unless they're involved in some heinous, unbelievable sex scandal involving a dominatrix, two doormen and a chicken (and then we love them) or screwing the taxpayer (not in a good way) out of their expenses. Then we kind of hate them.

But for one poor politician in Indonesia, his hard work to ensure that Indonesia maintains its harsh stance against pornography has become his ultimate undoing, we learn from Asylum. Whilst taking such a hard line against any form of broadcasting, storing or reproducing porno material, the minister felt that time he deserved time off from the role due to his hard work. Which for him meant catching a skin flick or two in the comfort of his own special chair. At Parliament.

''We need to be cautious,' National Police spokesman, Boy Rafli Amar, has said on the topic. 'We need to make sure we're not violating any privacy laws.'

'If he's not careful, it looks like Arifinto could be joining the likes of the Playboy Indonesia chief and rockstar Nazril 'Ariel' Irham, who've both ended up in chokey thanks to the laws.

Maybe this was some kind of publicity stunt that went wrong. Or maybe politicians just aren't able to stop working so hard, unable to prevent themselves from bringing their work home with them, or from bringing 'home' to the office.

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