Ra Ra Rasputin

Who did we most turn to when we needed straight-forward answers about sex? Certainly not our parents, who had deceived us for too long with the 'birds and the bees' (how exactly were they meant to be involved again?) and possibly not our best friends, who were claiming they had all lost their virginity at the earliest possible opportunity. Could we have used the advice of a Polish Catholic priest?

Couples in Poland believe that the advice, website postings and books of Father Ksawery Knotz contain inherent pearls of sexual wisdom that he issues from his position not just as a worldly wise capuchin monk but as a man who is unafraid of showing just how much knowledge about sexual compatability and attraction the Catholic church has to offer, Global Post tells us.

'Father Knotz, 45, posts his erotic insights on his website called Szansa Potkania (Chance to Meet) and they are relatively explicit, at least by the standards of the famously rigid Catholic church: 'Woman, who has not experienced an orgasm due to the fact that sexual intercourse has been too fast, could let her husband satisfy her in any other way,' he writes in a section called Ending of Marital Intercourse. 'Only after experiencing an orgasm (sometimes several orgasms) an excited woman could feel fully-appeased.'

But really, can a monk personally know that much about the sex-lives of couples? We suspect he watches 'Sex in the City' (and his favourite character is Samantha.)

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