The ho-down on the anti-hoez

The recent film 'The Social Network' really gave Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, bad press. Despite the addiction we all have (but might not admit to) to the blue and white site that now allows us to be updated when friends have split up with their other halves, the site has a lot to answer for in terms of causing social havoc. Case in point: the Beaver County Hoez page.

No, you didn't incorrectly read the last line of the previous paragraph. The teen (we're guessing) pranksters of Pennsylvania, USA, decided to create a page on the website dedicated to defaming girls in their neighbourhood by posting up apparent true-to-life biographical accounts of their sexploits. One girl however, was only thirteen at the time, the Metro Online reveals.

'One of the girls featured on the page told WPXI Channel 11 News: 'I was very embarrassed. Even if the girls did do some of the things on the website it's no reason to put it out there like that. Search warrants have been executed on a collection of IP addresses as part of efforts to track down the people behind the Facebook page.'

It seems these jokesters might have been following in Mark Z's footsteps: an early prototype of Facebook allowed campus-goers to rate female students in their similarity to farm animals!

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