Pole dancing at Cambridge University?

In a modern Britain where less and less young folk are committing to University courses due to lack of funds and a what’s-the-point-attitude, one of the UK’s bastions of Higher Education - Cambridge University has decided to lure prospective students by unorthodox means.

According to the Daily Telegraph the world renowned university is set to offer pole dancing lessons to students to help them relieve stress during exams season. That's relieve ‘stress’. For the bargain price of two English pounds participants will get a private one hour pole dancing lesson held in the famous Blue Room of the Union building.

The Union Ents Officer Juan de Francisco, described it as: ‘harmless fun for fitness and well-being, and are not intended to be sexual. High heels are actually discouraged - the instructor has told me that attendees should wear trainers or go bare-foot'.

If you’re at Cambridge University and fancy a spot of light relief then classes start from April 25th, and before you ask, no, men can’t attend. They’ll have to make do with the internet to relieve their exam stress.

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