Seksy show-time

Poland has been featuring in the (sex) news alot recently, whether it's Catholic priests offering sex advice to couples or recent advances in public attitudes towards sex, our Polski cousins are certainly becoming more liberal due in part to the recent opening of the country's first museum solely dedicated to sex.

The museum, based in Poland's capital city Warsaw, is a collection of rare exhibits, items and paraphenalia all connected with hanky-panky, that the owner of the museum, Dariusz Kedziora, has been collecting for over twenty years, The News from Poland website tells us.

'Among the 2,000 exhibits is a Polish condom vending machine dating from 1934, the only one of its kind to have survived throughout the years. The 450-square-metre museum also includes Peruvian ceramics, Persian miniatures, as well as Japanese shunga prints.'

With a ban on pornography within the museum, visitors will have to get their kicks from looking at the various sex-themed objects, such as men-shaped teapots with odd-looking spouts...

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