Poker playboy bunny?

Despite being constantly surrounded with enough flesh to make a Hollywood madam blush, Hugh Heffner is one active octogenarian with a hell of a work ethic. Hoping to expand the Playboy franchise into the world of gambling, Heff has decided to open casinos in England and China Perez Hilton informs us.

Sources reveal that apparently the adult industry isn't the way forward for our future generations, which, instead of spending hard earned pocket-money on jazz mags to keep under their mattress, will be able to throw it away on roulette tables and games of 21:

'We're moving away from the adult programming because it's not the future. I think it gets in the way of who we are, and who we want to be…In their early years, the Playboy clubs were so hugely popular that the company's ability as a 'branding' vehicle became obvious.'

So, as the branding of Playboy mixes with the incentive to splash some cash, this venture can only mean one thing: half-dressed busty blondes blowing on your dice for luck. Don't get distracted now.

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