Plumbing the depths

Installing a toilet has never been sexy - until now that is. A woman from the state of Virginia, frustrated at her repeated attempts to install a new toilet, called the number in toilet’s user manual (yes, even toilets have user manuals), only to discover it was a sex line!

The Attard family were doing a spot of DIY in their new mobile home when attention turned to the toilet bowl they’d bought from hardware store Lowe's. After failed attempts to fit it, they realised some of the parts were missing. Picking up the phone, they called the number at the top of the manual, hoping to talk with a toilet trained customer service representative.

But what they heard was a very different type of DIY helpline.

‘It was a sex line,’ a mortified Mrs Attard said.

The couple’s home improvement plans had turned pornographic.

‘I was appalled,’ she continued, though she admitted ringing back to check the advice given about pumps and pipes wasn’t relevant. ‘I couldn't believe it,’ she said. ‘I had called it like five or six times to make sure I didn't dial it wrong.’

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