Please Miss, can I see some more?

Oh dear. Another teacher has got herself in a bit of a compromising situation. A teacher outraged by her pupils’ dirty drawings on the blackboard decided to give them a taste of their own perverted medicine. So what did she do to teach these scoundrels a lesson they’ll never forget?  She flashed her boobs!

Said the school ma’am: “I just snapped. I was trying to get him to stop writing and drawing filth on the blackboard.” Well we bet it worked! However the educator aged 47 has been made to pay £395 (5,000 kronor) in damages, for the trauma of the flashing. So the teenage boy got to see some breasts and got paid nearly £400! It must’ve been all his dreams come true. Although if she looked like some of the teachers at our old school, he probably should’ve been paid more…

(Image: from savaman's flickr stream)

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