Playing before the game

George Best once confessed that scoring before a big game didn't affect his chances of scoring in a football match and though certain sports superheroes are forbidden hanky-panky by their managers in the run-up to a big game and the culmination of months of training, one particular star has revealed that he, too, isn't affect by a little pre-match nookie.

Andy Murray, Wimbledon tennis legend and boyfriend of six years to Kim Sears, openly revealed that he doesn't believe, like boxing legend Muhammed Ali, that abstinence means a better advantage in the court, field or ring.

Ali used to claim that a no-sex period of six months left him aggressive and with an undisputed advantage in his matches, the Daily Mail tells us.

'I’m not one of those sportsmen who practises a strict policy of sexual abstinence before playing', the star revealed. 'Tennis is not like boxing.'

'I remember a former world heavyweight whose trainer banned him from having sex six weeks before a fight. We play every week, so with a boxer’s mentality we’d always be saying 'no'.'

But what happens to the sex after the match, come win or lose, is what we we all want to know.

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