Playboy’s hard drive hard bargain

If you’ve been collecting every issue of Playboy since its inception then we apologise on Hugh Hefner’s behalf, as the entire Playboy archives from 1953 to 2010 are to be made available on a hard drive ‘small enough to fit in your briefcase or jacket pocket’.

That’s more nude pics than you can shake a stick at – let alone browse through. In a statement a Playboy spokesperson (perhaps that should be Playspokesperson) said:

‘Why would you let more than 650 of your favorite Playmates celebrate the holidays in a damp garage, stashed under your bed or crowded together in the basement, when you can bring them all together beneath the mistletoe this year?’

The drive will set you back the equivalent of 300 dollars and, in case you’re looking for a place to keep your family photos, it helpfully includes 200 GB of extra space for you to save ‘other files.’

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