Playboy’s assets up for grabs

It’s the equivalent of flogging the family silver. Playboy magazine is responsible for some of the most iconic nude photography of the past 50 years. But the ever wily Hugh Hefner has decided to auction off the naked images of some of the world’s most famous women past and present.

More than 100 photographs, cartoons and watercolours are to go under the hammer in the auction, which is expected to raise up to £3million.

The photo collection is grandiosely entitled Year of the Rabbit - and includes snaps of Marilyn Monroe, Elle Macpherson, Brigitte Bardot, Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson, whose photo was taken as she sat on Dan Aykroyd's lap.

The auction takes place next month in New York, which gives plenty of time for interested parties to getting digging down the back of the sofa for spare funds.For those more artistically inclined, a watercolour by Salvador Dali, which hung over Hugh Hefner's bed, is also up for grabs.

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