Playboy targets the gay market

It looks as if Playboy is set to add Gayboy to its plethora of jazz mags after the New-York company announced that it's planning to move into the gay market for the first time.

Playboy Enterprises wants to use Britain as its base to try and target the pink pound as it aims to increase its profits from the £189 million made last year on wank mags, DVDs, t-shirts and accessories for chavs, and that soft-core porno on late night TV that would give even a dog in heat a soft-on.

The move into the gay market is part of the Playboy's strategy of diversification with its eponymous magazine struggling to make a profit. Last year the company managed to start making a profit again through its expansion into internet porn, clips for mobile phones and its clothing and accessories range.

In the past Playboy have always been able to get teenage jizz icons such as Pamela Anderson to parade around in the buff whenever they have brought their jazz into new waters. So it'll be interesting to see if Playboy can convince a top shelf gay icon to show off their schlong. Who knows we might even finally get to see David Beckham's tackle.

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