Playboy playmate to appear in I’m a Celebrity

Viewers will be hoping for some saucy antics on this years I’m A Celebrity, following news that the Playboy model Kayla Collins is to grace our screens in the celebrity jungle.

It comes after Gail Porter said ’get me out of here’ before setting foot in the jungle. The Sun reports that the Scottish TV presenter pulled out of the show last night ’without giving much of a reason.’

We hear Gail was all set to go but then suddenly said no. A source said: ‘Often people pull out when they realise exactly how tough it's going to be.’

US star Kayla, 23, also known as Dollface, was Playmate of the Month in August 2008. But pals warn that despite taking her clothes off for money she’s really a bright spark and very fame hungry, and will thus prove a leading contender for capturing the jungle crown.

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