Playboy celebrates the (digital) female form

Video game babes have come a long way from the pixelated Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. So far, in fact, that they’re getting their own spread in Playboy magazine this December.

This is the fourth year running that the venerable men’s mag has featured the flawless skin, long legs and gravity-defying breasts of game girls. This year’s picks include Morenn from The Witcher, A’Kanna from Conan and the less-exotic sounding Sarah Morrison from Tabula Rasa.

Fantasizing over digital babes may seem a bit odd, but are they any more unnatural than the airbrushed, silicone-enhanced, hair extension-wearing beauties that usually grace the pages of Playboy? Here's our pick of the best...

(Image:  from shanewarne_60000’s Flickr stream)

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