Play away divorcees!

Most couples who have just ended a marriage may not be on the rebound straightaway, looking for someone else to date and to fool around with, to bridge the gap that was filled by a long-term spouse.

However, recent legislation that may soon be passed in America will make it impossible for both parties in a divorce dispute to continue any dating or form of sexual conduct in the home, until they are formally considered divorced, the Boston Herald reveals.

'Wrentham Selectman Robert Leclair said his bill is meant to prevent domestic violence and shield children while the divorce is under way. 'It’s not intended to abridge the rights of anybody,' he said. 'If they want to have an extra-marital affair, just get away from the home.'

The bill appears to be lacking support from other parenting groups, and in particular from 'Fathers and Families', an organisation similar to 'Fathers United for Equal Justice' that LeClair was president of, back in the 1990's.

They argue that courts would not want to concern themselves with the exta issues of who was sleeping with whom in divorce proceedings.

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