Pizza the action

They must have ordered the Phwoar Seasons, or perhaps the d-oh-oh balls. Either way, sex was on the menu in Pizza Express for one lusty pair, who couldn’t wait to get a pizza each other after closing time – unaware they were giving an eye full to passers-by.

The copulating couple drew a huge crowd of giggling gawpers, many laughing and taking snaps on their mobile phones.

One Manchester reveller told how he and his pals had earlier spotted the pair in tongue-sarnie mode:

‘We just assumed it was a couple of the staff who'd got carried away. We popped into a club, then later walked past the same restaurant. Things had hotted up. The fellow had his trousers round his ankles. Everyone was gobsmacked. The whole place was brightly lit and we had a great view. There was an empty bottle of wine and two glasses on a table.’

A Pizza Express spokesman said: ‘We are obviously taking this seriously and looking into the matter immediately.’

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