Pin-up politics

Katarzyna Szczolek may have a ravishing body, but will it help her win votes? The Polish pop singer is standing for office in her local authority in Warsaw in elections using this sizzling election poster to appeal to voters.

Szczolek, who sings under the stage name Sara May, has ruffled feathers for the way she is portraying herself. The pictured election poster shows her outstretched on a beach wearing only a skimpy bikini. The slogan reads: ‘Beautiful, independent, and competent.’

‘I live right here with the voters. I walk the same streets, go shopping in the same stores and have the same problems as everyone else,’ she said.

But the singer has been ridiculed for her desperate measures to win votes – including snogging female friends on stage.

‘Who's she trying to kid?’ local man Tomasz Muchy seethed. ‘I can just imagine how she'll go down when turning up at a council meeting, assuming anyone knows who she is.’

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