Battle of the boner brands

When it first appeared on the market, millions of men across the world must have breathed a heavy sigh of relief at not having to fake another excuse for a lack of earth-shattering performance in the bedroom. Now, there was a drug that allowed them to hold back the more devastating effects of old age, but at $10 a pop, Pfizer, the company that makes and markets viagra, the little blue pill, was making a killing.

But now that the chemical patent for the ingredients of viagra will soon be coming to an end, and with other anti-erectile disfunction drugs on the market, Pfizer is hoping to look into more innovative and marketable ways to keep its customers loyal, the New York Times reveals. Competitors have released Levitra, sold in discreet pill boxes as a pill that can be taken without water and Cialis, available as a tablet that can be taken everyday.

'Research is also under way in Brazil on a faster-acting form of the drugs, which increase blood flow by relaxing smooth muscle cells. While the existing pills enter the bloodstream indirectly by way of the stomach, intestines and liver, this form would enter more directly, dissolving in a capillary-rich space under the tongue and increasing the blood flow within 10 or 15 minutes. The research in Brazil involves generic Viagra, but Pfizer says it is not sponsoring the work.'

'The Mexican experiment with Viagra Jet will show whether the chewable form of the drug has promise in other countries, particularly developing markets, Susan O’Connor, Pfizer’s vice president of global commercial development, said in an interview. Studies showed most Mexican men who used Viagra ground it up to make it easier to swallow or in the belief it would start acting faster.'

Pfizer is considering expanding the possible uses of the ingredients of viagra in areas such as medication for children suffering from pulmonary arterial hypentension and other similar blood-pressure related conditions. Soon, we may see little blue pills in bathroom cabinets and bedside drawers the world over.

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