Petra Joy to star at Erotica 2008

Fans of the Adult entertainment industry, also known as porn, will be high-tailing to west London this weekend to attend the annual Erotica 2008 exhibition. It's the biggest adult show in the world and will feature live stage shows, company stalls and galleries.

Petra Joy, the German porn producer, is one of the biggest stars of this year's Erotica. She has been recently recognised for her ground-breaking work in female-friendly porn. According to Metro, Joy will hold a number of seminars to encourage woman to make their own sex films.

Petra's work marks a big change in attitudes in porn. She is an outspoken feminist who never uses seasoned pros and builds her films around the fantasies of her female performers. If that sounds like it will float your boat you should head over to Erotica 2008. It runs from Friday to Saturday at London's Olympia.

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