Peter Andre’s sex text shame

Wholesome family man Peter Andre is to be named in the divorce proceedings between two TV presenters.

Peter Andre sent ’hundreds’ of sex-filled flirty text messages to The Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward after they met at a party in October, her distraught husband claims.

Lee Clark, who presents shows for QVC and The Discovery channel, has revealed details of the ’rampant’ texting between his 28-year-old wife and the singer in an interview with the News of the World.

One text sent from Andre reads: ‘I’m lying in my 8ft bed alone. Bored. Wish you were here.’ Woodward then replied: ‘I’m lying in my 6ft bed all alone too.’

Gifts of chocolate to the Australian singer were also uncovered, as well as an order for racy lingerie from Ann Summers which, he claims, she ‘never’ wore for him.

That's why I'm naming Peter in the [divorce] petition,' Clark told the tabloid. 'This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife. We were blissfully happy.

'But he turned her head and then her heart.'

And then things really did start to peter out. Guess that’s what happens when the muscle-rippling singer makes you his mysterious girl.

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