Peter Andre’s ‘mysterious girl’ revealed

Even when with ex-wife Jordan, Peter Andre was getting his oats from another source, the singer has revealed.

Last night the man with the famed six-pack confirmed that whilst married he'd had nookie with 28-year-old Angela Mogridge, a former minder for Jordan who the glamour model once branded as her Peter’s ‘Mysterious Girl’.

Peter Andre, now 38, said: ‘Angela is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. We care about each other. We have a mutual love and a mutual respect.’

But there have been few further sparks between the pair, because Angela lives in Brisbane, Australia, whereas family man Pete needs to stay in the UK to be near his kids.

After splitting from Jordan, Peter took a vow of celibacy, but it didn’t last long. ‘I've had sex. I'm taking things slowly because I'm worried about my kids. The girls I get intimate with I will usually have known for six months or a year.’

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