Performance prohibited

Though some doggers of the world find that sex outside is the ultimate thrill, we're pretty sure that they don't choose to watch couples having sex in the middle of a shopping centre or busy car-parks. Cheap thrills from being spotted in public aside, a rap on the knuckles is the most one would expect from doing the deed in daylight in the UK.

However, for Cheng Li, an artist in China, his performance - intended only for an exclusive group of fellow artists - landed him in serious hot water with the Chinese authorities, the Huffington Post reveals.

The nature of the material? 'Unsimulated' sex acts, which the artist must now prove were not a threat to the moral values of Chinese society at large:

The 'artist, was sentenced to one year of 'reeducation through labor' [...] for an explicit public performance on March 20. Cheng, whose attorney applied for administrative reconsideration last week, had performed 'Art Whore,' in which he and a female partner engaged in unsimulated sex acts before a private audience at the Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall in Beijing.'

'As for Cheng's message, the artist stated that 'the popular trend of commercializing art is nothing but a trade of sex for commercial benefits.'

Along with fellow detainee Wei-wei, it seems that the masses dedicated to progressive Chinese culture are those that the police seem most happy to detain.

If enough couples had sex in the open air though, is that art or mass, civil disobedience?

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