Sext offences

Mobile phones are a nuisance. If we're not worrying about the potentially serious and damaging effects regular use of mobiles has on parts of our ear and head they come into contact with, its how they're being used. From teenagers being charged with underage porn offences by sending naked pics of themselves to celebrities having their phones hacked into, it seems that the Golden Age of Instant Communication has been overshadowed by a more insidious idea of openly invading someone's personal eSpace.

While we all enjoy sending a few flirty text messages by mobile, the recipient is usually dateable material, or someone adult. Not so for PE teacher Darryl Bate, from the Woodcote High School in Surrey who was using his mobile behind the wheel of the school minibus (naughty, naughty) to 'sext' or sex-text underage students, the Telegraph tells us.

'The GTC [General Teaching Council] ruled that although Bate did not initiate the text message exchanges with the pupils from Matthew Arnold School in November 2008, he should have acted with 'integrity and decency and maturity'.

'The panel said: 'It is abundantly clear from the material which has been transcribed from the two telephones that you ascertained that the person was under 16.''

Bate was banned from the classroom for two years when his defence of texting whilst jet-lagged was seen as a little too paper-thin. After all, he was only doing the school-rounds, not driving back from the India!

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