No sex (ed) please, we're Swedish

Not alot of things get your attention in class, aside from that sexy French teacher making 'pan et buerre' sound like a porn film 'come-on'. Or, on the more realistic side, an Art teacher using live models - which is about the closest you would get to permitted nudity at school. In Sweden however, sex and particularly sex education in schools is a whole different ball-game (literally), we learn from The Local.

Parents in Sweden, complained when a 30 minute film called 'Sex on the Map' was broadcast on national tv, which contained detailed sexual illustrations as well as some actual explicit scenes of teenagers, although we're sure this constituted purely 'over-the-sweater' action.

'Cecilia Bäcklander, the programme director at UR responsible for producing the film, rejected claims that the film leads youth astray. 'This is a very well thought out film that has been planned for several years with RFSU. We're not guilty of endangering young people or leading them astray. This is an educational film,' she told The Local. Bäcklander admitted the film addresses "sensitive issues" and isn't surprised that it may have sparked negative reactions among some viewers.'

Still, it must have been a welcome relief from lessons involving phallic-shaped fruit and bizarre latin-named STDs, we reckon.

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