Paramedic, 59, shown the door after relationship with teenager

A paramedic has been sacked for having a relationship with a young St John Ambulance volunteer.

The East of England Ambulance Services formally dismissed John Nicholls, 59, after upholding a complaint of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with 18-year-old Bernadette Rhodes.

The sacked paramedic now lives with his teenage girlfriend and retired while the investigation took place.

But the knives were out for him. After clocking up 39-years of service with the ambulance service Mr Nicholls suffered the ignominy of being formally sacked after the end of the probe.

Bernadette joined St John Ambulance as a cadet when she was 15 and was nominated for the Essex Police Young People of the Year, getting into the final.

Earlier in the year the couple launched a drive to raise £5000 to buy equipped bicycles for paramedics to help them reach casualties faster in town.

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