Paperback Nightmare

Forget the Rapture: the end of societal values, nay, the very fabric of society is upon us. Or at least, that is what one particular religious organisation is saying, which believes that women reading romantic fiction is detrimental to their well-being and sanity. That group? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

According to messages posted on their site by one Dr Juli Slattery, a Christian psychologist, there is a rise in women taking to the papery seduction of Mills and Boon type fiction in the search for a form of escapism. This helps to 'promote dissatisfaction with their real relationships.'

The warning, which forms part of an article in which LSD life coach Kimberly Sayer Giles also contributes, goes on to outline options for avoiding such books in favour for the apparently easy-to-obtain 'real thing', the Guardian reveals:

'If you are not in a real relationship, you may want to focus on finding one. Are you spending time reading instead of getting out there making new friends and meeting people?' asks Giles, who also suggests that 'if you love to read, just choose a different type of book. There are many interesting choices that do not include arousing scenes'.'

Fans in their thousands have been posting retorts to the criticism commenting that without this release from the difficulties of finding or holding on to an effective, loving relationship, they would go insane anyway.

Words worth listening to.

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