Paper bags for lads' mags

A group of 30 people dressed in pyjamas, nightgowns and slippers were seen last Friday doing a conga through a branch of Tesco in central London.

This was no ordinary conga mind, but part of an anti-porn campaign by activist group Object, dubbed Porn Against Pyjamas.

On reaching the magazine display, lads glossy FHM was put in a paper bag with slogan 'For Horrible Misogynists' daubed over it, while for Maxim they reserved the phrase 'MAXIMum Sexism'.

This year Tesco ruled that customers couldn’t shop in pyjamas because it makes people feel uncomfortable. In riposte, Object accused Tesco of flouting voluntary codes of practice that suggest lads' mags should be treated as pornography – on the top shelf and covered up.

With actor Danny Dyer, former agony uncle for Zoo magazine, suggesting earlier this year a jilted male reader could 'cut your ex's face, so no one will want her,' it’s little surprising the group is concerned about the rise of porn.

'They have jokes about incest and pornography, about trafficking, about rape,' said Object’s Anna van Heeswijk 'And what's harmful is that this is considered a normal part of the mainstream media.'

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