Panties plague Peruvian politician

Usually politicians are keen to find out exactly what voters and constituents think of them and more often than not, we imagine, they may not like the 'feedback' they get. Not so for one head honcho in Peru who claims his country's women cannot restrain themselves from slinging their thongs, panties and smalls at him when he speaks at rallies.

Although the comparison's with a certain hip-swinging Welsh singer from the 60's is a little to easy to make, we wonder why the compulsive animal need for these wives, mothers and daughters to hurl their under-garments at the poor man? Maybe his party, the '1000 Movimiento Integracion Loretana' known for its progressive stance supports a cut in the price of chocolate, cocktails and couture?

However, the Metro discloses that the official 'has made a tradition of giving women at his rallies watches, fans, or soccer balls in exchange for kisses.' Something that we might not see the coalition Government in the UK resort to, for some time at least.

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