Pammy too hot for PETA

PETA have been using hot sizzling human sex to bang home their message about animal rights again. Following in a long line of girl celebs to have stripped off for a fluffy cause, Pammy Anderson has gone down to her underpants in a PETA advert which has since been banned in three New York airports on the grounds that it's well, a little bit naughty.

In the ad, Pammy plays the role of an airport security guard who removes items of clothing from passing travellers made from fur and leather. It's not very realistic - Pammy is only wearing a shirt, pants and some aviators and is carrying a rather large truncheon (how often does that happen at an average UK airport security check,) but who are we to nitpick, it's bloody great!

Nb: isn't the pommel of Pammy's truncheon, bound with leather?

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