Pamela Anderson does naked lap dance for Hugh Hefner

Pamela Anderson likes to tell anyone who'll listen how these days she's just a run of the mill celebrity MILF - but by stripping down to the nip for Hugh Hefner's 82nd birthday bash in April she's showed she's anything but.

In a tribute wholly befitting the horny old dog, publicity seeking Pammy leaped from behind a curtain carrying a giant birthday cake...in the nip. Obviously. She then rubbed up against the old man and gave him a private lapdance in a display which would have sent the average octogenarian to an early grave but garnered little more than a delighted chuckle from Heff.

One of Hefner's 3 girlfriends Holly Madison feigned prudishness at Pammy's display. "I felt like I shouldn't look because I know her, and she walked out naked! So I was, like, looking around, trying not to look there!" said Holly before telling of her own present to Hugh - chocolate moulded body parts, with one of her nether regions in white chocolate, and a scattering of milk chocolate in the centre to signify the howsyourfather. Much more subtle.

The horseplay was filmed for US TV show "The Girls Next Door" which follows the trials and tribulations of Heff's chosen three. Scintillating stuff.

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