Paid to guzzle pizza

Offer your girlfriend an extra slice of cake and she may not forgive you for it. Order a pudding at a restaurant and there may be tears before bedtime. One woman however, is making a small fortune from men who just love seeing that extra slice of pizza or portion of pie go down a treat - a true 'feeder's fantasy'.

Sassy Thomas, 30 and 24 stone, has always been a fuller-figured femme fatale, even as a teenager. She worked as a security guard, filling her hours pouring over fashion magazines about size zero starlets who got massive media attention. Longing to be adored, Sassy discovered the BBW ('Big Beautiful Women' club online) and found a niche - a rather large niche - for messy sex play with fast food and chocolate.

The response was tremendous. Sassy tells the Sun Online that within minutes of uploading her profile onto the BBW website, she 'had 20 emails in [her] inbox from men who were interested in seeing more'. They 'were all saying things, like: 'I love your belly,' 'You're really sexy,' and 'Will you eat a roast chicken for me?''

Sassy now makes a mint by munching on mint-flavoured ice-cream and cakes galore and revels in the attention she's always wanted. Her admirers even pay for the weekly trip to the supermarket. What to do with all those points on the loyalty card, we ask ourselves....

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