Pageant for plastic beauties

Not content with hosting Miss Mafia 2010, Hungary is attempting to corner the beauty contest market by staging a pageant for women who have received cosmetic surgery.

To qualify for the Miss Plastic 2010 contest in Budapest, women need to have received cosmetic surgery and must bring in a note from their surgeon to prove it.

Judges will then put their beauty under the knife - and a medical panel will give bonus points after rating the quality of the plastic surgery. Sounds like a smooth operation.

Participant Timea Kertesz, 27, has had boob and buttock implants. She said: ‘It all started when I was 17 and I persuaded my mum to agree to an operation to pin back my sticky-out ears.

‘I suddenly discovered I was much more confident and from that moment on I have never stopped improving what nature gave me.’

Having made the cut in the judges’ eyes, the winner will go on to face international contestants in Miss Plastic Universe.

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