Osbournes object to anti-gay protest

As summer has finally arrived, gay pride parades have been taking place across the world. Friends of the rainbow are everywhere and none are more proud to speak up and be counted as two members of our favourite dysfunctional family of four - well, five if you include absent Aimee - The Osbournes.

Doing their bit for the community, Kelly and Sharon acted as grand marshalls for the Pride parade in West Hollywood yesterday, when they came face to face with a mob of anti-gay protestors keen to tell all Madonna and Lady Gaga aficionados exactly where they have been going wrong.

Instead of standing back and making sure the parade participants kept their distance, the fearless mother and daughter combo sprang into action with Sharon berating the mob, 'You should be ashamed of yourselves!' Kelly was quick to follow by borrowing a microphone and whipping the parade up into a chorus of 'My God loves Gays'! Apparently, the parade's 'cheers and chants got so loud, the crowd drowned out the sounds of the protestors', Perez Hilton reports. We wonder if the two might come to London later this year, when a certain head of a major religious organisation plans to visit...

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