Orgasms – feel the burn

A woman has reported that working out causes her to have orgasms. While doing sit-ups she begins to feel the burn in more than just her abs, experiencing what she calls a ‘core-gasm’. Writing in to a doctor the woman asks if this is unusual and if there is a reason for this.

Dr Irwin Goldstein, a prominent sex researcher, says it could be the repetitive movement stimulating the diaphragm, in turn triggering the vagus nerve which runs through the pelvis.

It could also be nerves firing without permission, as happens when people orgasm in their sleep. But he goes on to say it could just simply be a case of tight gym clothes rubbing against the clitoris because of the movement. So… we say get in some tight shorts and get crunching.

Do you ‘enjoy’ exercise more than you should?

(Image: from In Latte Veritas’s flickr stream)

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